About ME

Is talking about yourself ever easy?

The progression this blog has made in the last two years has blown me away. When I started it my bio read something like this:

“I am a widowed mother of three with a house full of fur babies. I am adjusting to the Empty Nest side of life and starting over. My true passion in life (after motherhood) is traveling. I have a thirst to see the world that can’t be quenched…”

Life never stops moving forward! Today I am still a mom of three with more fur babies now than I had then…thanks to the addition of my boyfriend Tim and his two fur babies to my life and my household. We are both Cancers (same birthday!) and cruising is what we love most in the world after our dogs and each other. I still love sea turtles and the name of the blog makes more sense to me with every post.

Thanks for checking out my site and even more if you decide to hang out and follow me. Sometimes it’ll just be travel stuff…but most of the time it’ll be my thoughts on real life, grief, growth, and life!

**Photo credits on this photo go to my talented youngest daughter. What she sees behind the lens I never seem to see in the mirror but she made her mama look good. 😉