About ME

Is talking about yourself ever easy?

I am a widowed mother of three with a house full of fur babies. I am adjusting to the Empty Nest side of life and starting over. My true passion in life (after motherhood) is traveling. I have a thirst to see the world that can’t be quenched. I am a Cancer so I love all things water and feel most at home near the sea. I love sea turtles. (Now the name of the blog makes sense, right?)

Cruises are one of my preferred forms of travel. It has allowed me to see much of the Caribbean, make many many friends, and learn how to really vacation! However, I got the chance to go overseas in the fall of 2019 and I can’t wait to get back. The history, the architecture, the beauty…..let me tell you COVID has seriously cramped this girls wanderlust.

Thanks for checking out my site and even more if you decide to hang out and follow me. Sometimes it’ll be a record of my travels, sometimes it’ll be just going over normal life stuff, but it will always be my honest and candid take on life – mine anyway. 🙂

*Photo credits on this photo go to my friend Pam Clark. She caught me in an off guard not thinking about how much I hate the camera moment. First picture in years I have liked!