Snow No More…

It’s been a trying week of cold temperatures, power outages, water worries (either not having any or busted pipes), and either too much togetherness or too much alone time. For me, it’s the latter. I’ve slowly been acclimating to a house without the noise of the kids but the complete and total silence that comes in a house with no power and no dogs barking because of no one walking by is another thing completely. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think I’d lose my mind a couple of times. But it was also a good time of reading, reflection, prayer, connection with family via phone, and digging into the last year in my head.

I didn’t come out with any huge revelations. I do know I am more grateful for things I think we took for granted before…heat when I’m cold. Lights when I want to read. The way my boys always took care of things I didn’t even know about. For example…in three places in the house the pipes froze and I didn’t have water. When I began to see posts from other friends about collapsed ceilings and homes full of water I realized I had absolutely no idea where to turn off the main water if that were to happen. I literally sat in my chair and cried. Such a small thing and something about both Fred and Lee I took for granted. I am sure they could or would have both listed off a long list of those things I haven’t even found yet but that one hit me between the eyes. Top of my goal list this week is finding that shut off. A girl has to know how to take care of herself.

I said when the dumb groundhog said six more weeks of winter that he always gets it wrong and spring was coming. I can tell you from working remotely the end of this week and with what is on the horizon that SPRING is coming. Hard and fast. I feel that same rumble in my tummy I have for the last twenty years in this business. Half excitement, a quarter “am I ready”, and a quarter HELL YAH. Spring at works means long days, fast paced, a challenged mind, and watching winter unfold. Here at home, this year, it will mean taking the blank slate of the 1/3 of an acre I bought and starting to make my mark. I already have fruit trees on the way here (provided the ones I ordered before the storm survived it).

Snow no more…spring is coming. Who’s ready?!?

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