Friday Feels…

That look. That’s the one I feel like I have these days when a Friday night rolls around and the house is quiet and I’m wondering what the rest of humanity is doing. It’s a “I don’t really care enough to get up and see but I am wondering” kind of look.

This Friday has me questioning where a week went. Where did five days of my life go at a breakneck speed that is the biggest indicator we’ve hit spring rush in my business? Snowstorm? What snow storm? As all the memes indicate Texas has proven yet again to be the only place on earth that you can go from 6” of snow, no power, and single digit temps to short sleeve shirts, heat off, and sun roof open sunshine kind of weather in less than seven days. 🙄

Don’t get me wrong – I love spring. I love the selection of plants available for my yard. I love the challenge my job brings. I love that pause in temps between stupid chilly and soul sucking hot. Every year I look forward to spring rush like a crazy person and then anywhere between a week to a month in I am thinking I must have lost my mind when I got all fluttery at the mention of spring. This year is already proving to be no different. Complete with a week long snowstorm to freeze off all green things and make everything be a NOW.

I’ve got big plans for spring this year. I’ve got a 1/3 of an acre for my green thumb to do it’s thing to. But right now I’m just gonna take a page out of Lilah’s book and sit and wonder what the rest of the world is doing. Where the biggest decision I have to make tonight is when to head to pajamas and what my stomach might tolerate to eat….

Happy Friday night…be safe out there in the crazy world. ❤️

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