Lent Fasting Illuminated a Demon…

For most of Lent (I did not make it all the way through) I gave up sugar…and by extension alcohol. I had a planned trip in there that I knew I wouldn’t make it all the way but I did make it 37 days without either. It was far more difficult than I ever thought it would be. I think of myself as eating, for the most part, fairly healthy. After all I have extensive stomach issues that cause problems with gluten, beef, and some dairy. Stress issues that can also cause challenges with salad greens if the stars aren’t aligned just right. OK, let’s be real – all around eating is a challenge for me.

In those 37 days I had intense cravings for things I quickly recognized were more ingrained habits than anything. I chew gum when I work at the office – over and over starting a new piece all day long. I always have to have something in my water – never plain water. I have an intense sweet craving at night. But I knuckled in and pushed through them.

Also in those 37 days I began to sleep like I haven’t since my last Whole30. Uninterrupted 6+ hour nights (that’s a lot for me). My brain got sharper, my productivity shot up at work, and overall I just felt better. I guess you don’t realize you feel bad until you feel better?

Sugar Demon

Cue up the re-entry weekend. Alcohol was reintroduced first. Wine specifically. I didn’t immediately connect the lingering daily headache with the alcohol. Nor the restless nights that returned. Until they were there for a week straight. Once I brought back in sugar and those things ramped up the light dawned…

I am apparently very sensitive to sugar. Alcohol breaks down as sugar. Duh. The sugar demon in general is apparently the responsible party for years and years of 2-4 hours of sleep being my norm not the exception. I had a piece of GF banana bread last night before bed and slept all of 3 hours and am blessed today with a hangover type headache.

I feel dumb for not realizing it sooner and frustrated at the changes I know I’ll have to make (and probably struggle with) in order to balance having a normal type life with what my body needs.

Who said getting old was fun? They LIED.

Blessing y’all – Amy

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