Vaccine or Not?

I’ll start this with this is NOT a political post. It’s a thought process I’ve been struggling with for weeks and where I finally ended up on the issue.

I believe in vaccinating my children. Wasn’t one of those that fought the school system on it or anything like that. Willingly took my flu shot the years I needed to to protect Fred at his sickest. So I’m not off the rails about there are benefits.


In years that it’s my own choice I don’t get a flu shot. I’ve seen too many times people who get one and still get the flu. I myself had the flu the year I took a flu shot for Fred. I don’t think they work. When I first heard the rumblings that a vaccine was becoming available for COVID I was “no way, no how, not happening”. Loudly. You aren’t putting something in my body you haven’t fully researched. Haven’t had ten years to see what the long term side effects are. Don’t want it being given to my girls who haven’t had a chance to start a family yet if they want. I still have all those feelings running through my mind.


Then they hit me where it hurts. Have to vaccinate to travel or mess around with having COVID tests going and coming. I resent the hell out of that BTW. Being grounded this last year, combined with a hell fire amount of personal issues, brought me to my knees and had me begging for mercy. If you know me you know my wanderlust runs deep.

So. If my options are offering myself up as a guinea pig or being confined to Dallas? Here’s my arm. Literally. Getting mine today. Let’s get this s#*t done and open up the world. I have places to go, people to visit, and a whole big world calling my name.

As is my position on most things, I respect everyone’s personal choice. In my case, the benefit outweighs whatever the potential consequence is.

Peace and Blessings!

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