Be True

I have spent my life adapting who I am to serve others. Make no mistake in 90% of the circumstances I have no regrets. In others, I wish I had been true to myself. Trusted my instincts and stuck to me. Not allowed people in who in the end hurt me when I already knew they would and ignored my gut.

Wise Advise

When I came across this image on my motivation app it struck a deep chord. How many of us change, even if we don’t think we do, to adapt to someone new in our life? To be what they want us to be so they will fit in our life? How many of us expect a new person in our life to do the changing so that they become what we want them to be in order to fit where we want them to fit?

As I enter a new season in my life and contemplate the idea of new people entering my life these ideas overwhelm me. I’m just now figuring out who I am. Not a wife. Not a mother. ME. I kind of like me. Turns out I do know how to relax and have fun. How to leave the bed unmade and dishes in the sink. I don’t want to bring someone new into my life that is going to alter this path of self discovery. So how do I do that?

The idea of only bringing people into my life that are exactly like me is boring. Some of my best friends push me into uncomfortable places in my head. I also don’t want people who are polar opposite as I recognize this will require me to do the aforementioned changing to a radical degree for them to fit. So where is the happy medium?

For now I’m just trusting God on this one. He’s grabbed on to me in this time of change and shown me who I am and who He is. I think if I stay true to that the rest will work itself out. I guess that’s my message today – be true to yourself and trust your instincts.

  • Amy

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